• What is GoatNFT?:

GoatNFT facilitates easy NFT renting and lending. It's ideal for individuals considering purchasing an NFT or needing one temporarily, with a wide range spanning from art to utility NFTs.

  • What does NFT renting and lending entail?:

Lenders set terms like rental fees and duration, while borrowers can rent NFTs for periods set by lenders. More information is available in the official documentation.

  • Risk of NFT theft?:

There's a system in place where borrowers provide a collateral deposit. If they fail to return the NFT, the lender keeps the collateral.

  • Are there any fees?:

A 5% fee of the rent price is charged during the NFT return process.

  • Can I use WE tokens for renting/lending?:

Currently, transactions are conducted with oUSDT and USDT, but other tokens may be considered in the future through governance and DAO.

  • Supported NFT mainnets?:

GoatNFT supports Klaytn and Ethereum-based NFTs, including ERC-721, ERC-1155, and KIP-17 tokens. Future expansions to include multi-chain and L2, like EVM-based Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), are planned for Q1 of 2023.

  • Is GoatNFT 100% risk-free?:

No platform is entirely without risk. Potential risks include smart contract vulnerabilities and liquidation risks.

  • Identifying fake NFTs?:

Borrowers should verify the authenticity and contract address of the NFT, preferably on platforms like OpenSea or Rarible.

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