NFT Lenders and Borrowers

GoatNFT Suppliers

In the GoatNFT ecosystem, participants who supply and borrow NFTs are categorized as Lenders and Renters (borrowers). The suppliers in this ecosystem include:

  • Individual NFT Holders:

    • These are individuals who own NFTs but are not utilizing their utilities. They aim to earn additional fixed income through their dormant NFTs.

  • Guild & DAO:

    • Many Play-to-Earn (P2E) guilds and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have accumulated significant quantities of NFTs. They typically lend these NFTs through scholarship programs to profit from market capitalization. GoatNFT will offer a platform for these groups to lend their NFTs to a broader audience, facilitating additional income streams.

  • Projects:

    • A number of blockchain projects issue NFTs which are often stored in treasuries instead of being sold. Through partnerships with P2E or Metaverse projects, GoatNFT aims to maximize synergy between these projects and our platform by lending out some of the NFTs available on our platform.

GoatNFT Users

As outlined, there are various suppliers in our service, and a diverse range of NFTs can be registered on our platform. The users who will engage in renting NFTs from GoatNFT include:

  • Users Seeking Passive Income:

    • These users are interested in earning passive income through P2E or Move-to-Earn (M2E) games, such as STEPN or Axie Infinity.

  • Users for Short-term Exhibitions:

    • Individuals who wish to open their exhibitions for a limited time.

  • Users Needing Specific NFTs:

    • Those who require a particular NFT for specific community involvement, membership, or purpose.

GoatNFT is committed to expanding the number of providers and suppliers by continuously enhancing our service flow and platform, ensuring satisfaction for all participants. We have a comprehensive plan to grow our community, which includes hosting various events targeting related communities and potential partners.

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